The Biggest Next-Gen Console Problem Are Digital Scalpers

Aside from the obvious stock problems, the real issue in this next-gen release of consoles looks more into the community. The real highlight of the shit show is the innate greed of people and their undying need to profit off of something in the most morally incorrect manner – with only the fact that their activities sit in the gray area of law helping them.

PS5 And Xbox Series X Scalpers Are Charging A Big Premium - GameSpot

We have reached a disgusting point of the console war wherein technology had come into play for the worst, as scalpers are maximizing the use of scalpers bots to help them procure a lot of PS5, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X units just so they can release it back to society at a much higher price.

UK Scalper Group Claims To Have Secured 1,000 Xbox Series X and 500  PlayStation 5 Units -

Their targets are big resellers when it comes to restocks, such as Walmart, Amazon, and Currys. The coronavirus pandemic that has put everyone in lockdown makes it quite hard for every to physically power through in getting themselves a unit, having almost everyone fall into the hands of these ruthless scalpers and their buying bots that snipe with such high accuracy and precision.

Sadly, it’s the same behaviour that thrives in the ticketing and sneaker markets along with the fairly recent hoarding of essential goods as the entire world caves into a lockdown. The law has only gone so far to protect the humankind from ticketing scalpers, but the same does not go for retailers of any kind. This easily puts scalping of goods in a gray area, as the law can’t touch it despite it being a morally questionable thing to do.

PS5's UK stock shortages 'are partly driven by scalper bot groups' | VGC
Xbox Series X victim of scalpers, the CrepChiefNotify group already  accumulates 1000 consoles - iGamesNews

The scalper bots are easily recognize when website traffic gets unusually swamped every time a restock happens, and with the situation there are only 2 ways that a retailer can deal with such a monstrosity. It’s either

1)they make use of a bot protection software if they can afford it

2) block out the shady deals upon checkout so the orders get cancelled

Obviously, the latter is more tedious and more time-consuming. With all that being said, what can you say about this entire shenanigans? Let us know in the comments section below!

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