The next-gen Microsoft console is simply called ‘Xbox’

Microsoft’s new console has been unveiled and it’s simply called ‘Xbox’.

A Microsoft spokesperson told Business Insider that. During The Game Awards, the next-gen console, formerly known as Project Scarlett, was unveiled with a video. In addition to the design of the device, the new name was also revealed. The ‘Xbox Series X’ console was shown in the video.

Microsoft now announces that the name is simply Xbox, where “Series X” is the name of this type of model. “The name we use in the next generation is simply Xbox.” With that, Microsoft is covering itself up for possible other variations on the console, which may then be given a different serial name. According to long-running rumors, another version of the console is still being worked on anyway.

From the next generation, Microsoft may simply want to use Xbox to prevent confusion. The first generation console from Microsoft was called Xbox, the second Xbox 360 and the third Xbox One, with new models called Xbox One S and Xbox One X. By calling all future models Xbox, with a serial name behind it, it will be for the average consumer perhaps clearer.

Anyway, the new Xbox will appear in stores around the holidays of 2020.

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