The Worst Thing About The Xbox Series S Has Been Fixed (Kinda)

Despite the bottleneck issues due to the lower GPU and RAM, Microsoft actually found a way to somehow make it work for the Xbox Series S.

Xbox Series S: Everything you need to know | Windows Central

Coming in at only $299 upon release, the all-digital version of the PS5 easily stands superior to this white shoe box. A big problem that stands for the Series S would be the relatively smaller sized SSD that comes with it. It’s technically easy to fill, with most games these days coming it at 50GB or above.

Microsoft responds to Xbox Series S backwards compatibility concerns

The quick fix they had was to have games install on the Xbox Series S at 30% smaller. It’s only logical that it works that way, since most of the memory on higher end consoles are only due to texture packs or graphics improvement. With the Series S incapable of putting out at that quality, there’s no actual need for it to have those files in the first place.

Why I want an Xbox Series S all-digital console

There’s no Pied Piper compression magic here to be honest, it’s just limitations offering solutions. Limiting at 1440p instead of 4K, this surely would have the bulk of the work be on the hands of the developers rather than the people at Microsoft. Sucks, but that’s how they want it I guess.

Would you still get yourself an Xbox Series S or would you rather go for the all-digital Playstation 5 instead? Let us know in the comments section below.

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2 years ago

Ummm, this things Boss af..!!! Have any of you seen the gameplay?@! It’s knucking futz.. a 3700x CPU, 10GB of GDDR6, RDNA 2 GPU with the Full DX12 Ultimate feature st, a 512GB SSD and more… For $25mo With All The Games on it, Windows 10 PCs, laptopa, phones, tablets or other Xbox’s… That’s Bo$$..

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