There is an Xbox Series X FRIDGE – Because Why Not!

We’re not exactly sure why this happened, but we’re just glad it exists. I mean, Would you want yourself one either? With Sony’s Playstation 5 being teased as a WiFi router and the Xbox Series X a refrigerator, one of the two console giants decided to take things a step further. With enough influencers on hand, Microsoft threw out several Xbox Series X refrigerators that’s just enough to solidify the meme.

First person who got dibs was internet influencer iJustine, who even showed an unboxing and reveal on her official YouTube channel. In the video one could clearly see how this fridge is no joke: it looks just like an Xbox Series X but made bigger and had the insides of an actual fridge. Bonus points: when you open it you get to hear the start up sound and see the iconic green glow. This is actually crazy but good! Check out her video below!

Another influencer also got the taste of the fridge from Microsoft along with a cake to boot that also looks like the Xbox Series X. Famous rapper Snoop Dogg had posted a video of the cake and fridge on his Instagram account’s story but had deleted it a few moments later. Not sure if it’s the weed, but he may have actually forgotten that he signed some NDA’s and whatnot so that’s not really up for him to reveal-YET.

Cool enough, the fridge actually has the external furnishings of the actual Xbox Series X, up to all the adaptor ports, USB ports, and even the slot where you can put in the ludicrously expensive Seagate 1TB expansion card that’s priced super near the Xbox Series S. Microsoft, please send a fridge our way too! It’d look good in our office, we promise!

Are you looking to get yourself one to if it wasn’t so exclusive? Let us know in the comments section below!

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