Xbox Admits Console Shortage Will Last ‘Til June

The global demand for the Xbox Series S and Series X cannot go at par with hardware supplies right now, as Microsoft faces re-supply problems along with hardware procurement. A Microsoft spokesperson told that they’re “working tirelessly with our manufacturing and retail partners to replenish Xbox hardware as quickly as possible”. It’s nothing short of surprising since the same happened to Sony’s PS5.

The spokesperson added, “We continue to see overwhelming global demand from our fans for the next generation of Xbox. In some instances, more consoles will become available on a weekly basis depending on the retailer and market.”

With people staying home, everyone is more than eager to get their hands on something they can play. As the console wars turned out to be quite a useless toe-to-toe fight, the real winner was Nintendo, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons pushing the sales of the Nintendo Switch to go up along with the public clamor for it’s Pro or Ultimate version.

Have you gotten your next-gen Xbox console yet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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