Xbox Cares: Makes Family Settings Available On iOS and Android

No need to worry if your children are playing games way out of their league, Microsoft has got your back on this one. With the dawn of the November 10 release of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S , Microsoft releases the Family Settings app for both the iOS and Android so you can make sure your kids are (literally) playing safe.

Microsoft lancia l'app Xbox Family Settings su App Store

This level of concern may not be for everyone, but it sure does help in keeping a healthy community for gamers and parents alike. A YouTube video was recently been posted by the Official Xbox channel to emphasize on the functions you can do on the app. Here’s the video below:

The app is actually pretty useful in monitoring your child’s gameplay, with several easy-to use functions that could give you that peace of mind and a hollistic environment for your beloved kid. Check out these features below:

Screen time limits- you can now set how long anyone can play in a given day or week. Easy.

Content filters- with games being rated much like films, you can easily sort through which games your child can or cannot play.

Play and communications settings – Easily control who your child interacts with online. It can be no one, only friends, or anyone they play with.

Friends list – monitor your child’s friends list, as you can also accept, decline, or delete invites and requests.

Activity report – now you can check the statistics of how much your child is using the Xbox. That’s just neat!

Xbox Family Settings Mobile App: Control Your Kids' Screen Time From Your  Phone | SuperParent

Ain’t that just neat. Are you getting one of this for your children or maybe to prank a friend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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