Xbox Game Pass Offers 120 FPS Compatible Game For XSX

Sea of Thieves is now free through he Xbox Game Pass, and it’s running beautifully at 120fps on the Xbox Series X as an added treat. The update on this game about pirates boasts brand-new Lost Shipment Voyages and 100 levels of premium rewards.

The catch here is that the game will only run at 120 frames per second on Xbox Series X in 1080p – not full 4K – and in an extended FAQ Microsoft says that some TVs might not support both HDR and Performance Mode simultaneously, which means you might have to manually disable HDR. If you want to do 4K, you have to go down to 60FPS.

This being said, not much 120FPS games have been out since, with Halo Infinite being the supposed next one out but it’s delay isn’t definitely helping the case.

Do you have an Xbox Game Pass subscription yet? have you tried Sea of Thieves at 120fps? Let us know in the comments section below!

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