Xbox Series S Cheaper In Japan (LOL)

Desperate times, desperate measures. It seems as if even though the Playstation pre-orders have fucked up, Xbox still doesn’t have much fighting chance.

Xbox Series X/S pre-orders now available at these retailers •

The competition is actually fierce enough for Microsoft to throw 3000 yen out of the window for every unit sold, and that actually equates to roughly $28. Times have truly been tough for the console wars, but the Tokyo Game Show Showcase 2020 seems to have solidified this discount.

Their lack of participation for roughly 7 years on the showcase definitely had affected their sales in the Japanese market, but their comeback truly has been a standout. The price between the US and Japan release of the Xbox Series X wasn’t actually that far, with only the Series S being a true shocker.

Detailed report on “Xbox Tokyo Game Show Showcase” with lots of content for  Japan

Phil Spencer himself emphasized how the Series generation of Xbox consoles are his vision to bring some presence and popularity to Japan, while also promising the release of the console in Japan to be the same as that of everywhere else in the world. If you would recall, Xbox One was only available everywhere outside the US a year after the US release. Yikes.

This is how Xbox Series S backwards compatibility really works •

To add, the Project XCloud from Microsoft as a streaming service that was launched last September 15 would also arrive in Japan early 2021. Uh, still late but okay.

What do you think of this price drop? Let us know in the comments section below.

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