Xbox Series X and S Pre-order Details

With September 22 coming in to a close, your best bet in scoring yourself one of these esteemed consoles from Microsoft is some forward thinking.

Xbox Series X pre-orders: Reserve your next-gen Xbox | T3

If you have been reading quite a bit, you would already know that the main difference of the two is the disc drive, the graphics output, and the SSD inclusion.

How to Pre-Order the Microsoft Xbox Series X | PCMag

Xbox Series X actually goes for roughly $499, perfect for gamers who’d actually like to maximize the entire gaming experience with all the boosted functionalities embedded. The Xbox Series S on the other hand goes for $299, and is perfect for casual gamers who are just looking for some gaming fun from time to time but are definitely not as hardcore.

Register for Xbox Series X Pre Order Updates | Smyths Toys

With the options still kept shut, you should definitely keep your eyes peeled for pre-orders sooner than you think. This’d ensure that you won’t be scurrying around a lot of different tech stores just to grab yourself a box.

We shall update you more and have this piece follow through when more news comes about.

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