Xbox Series X: Specs and new controller revealed

Microsoft has announced the specifications of the new Xbox Series X game console. The new Xbox controller has also been unveiled. The price remains a secret.

Microsoft has released more information about the Xbox Series X coming this fall. Microsoft had already shown the appearance of the game console, now the company also reports exactly what is in the rectangular box. There are also videos that show the huge decrease in loading times of the new Xbox. Prices have not yet been revealed.

The Xbox Series X runs on a modified AMD Zen 2 processor, with 8 cores running at 3.8GHz. The video card is a modified AMD RNDA 2 with a computing power of 12 teraflops, 16 GB GDDR6 RAM and a specially made 1 terabyte SSD storage disk.

That should ensure games in full 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, with in the long run even 120 frames per second.

Much shorter loading times

Current game consoles still use old-fashioned hard disks for game storage. SSD storage is many times faster. Microsoft shows this with a demonstration. For example, the State of Decay 2 game on the new Xbox is fully started after 10 seconds, and the game on the current Xbox should load for 50 seconds.

More details

Games can also use those fast loading times to create open worlds with more detail. All those details can be loaded dynamically on the new Xbox as needed. For gamers who need more storage space, Microsoft offers an expansion slot. A special stick of another 1 terabyte can be inserted there, which is technically the same as the internal storage space.

The SSD also ensures that multiple games can be paused, even if the Xbox is restarted in between. Now users can only leave one game open when they put their system on standby. On the Xbox Series X will soon switch between multiple games without long loading times, and continue where they left off.

Renewed controller

Microsoft has deliberately kept the design of the new Xbox Wireless Controller recognizable, says Xbox chief designer Ryan Whitaker. “Building on the controller of the Xbox One in an evolutionary way will keep the muscle memory that players have built for years intact.”

With the same shape, the new controller is still suitable for many more users. Microsoft has slightly changed the handles and added more curves around the triggers and bumpers on top of the controller.

For users with smaller hands, the controller should now be more comfortable. Also, the handles and pullers are now embossed to provide more grip.

Better performances

The d-pad has also been changed. It is a combination of the old-fashioned four-point push button and a button that also works with diagonal directions. The button is somewhat dented, so that the center is easier to find. “Gamers will immediately notice an increase in performance,” says Whitaker. In addition to the PS4 controller, the Xbox controller also has a share button, to quickly share videos and screenshots.

Performance has also been improved through enhanced communication between the controller and the Xbox. This would reduce the delay between pressing a key and the action on TV.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller will ship with the Xbox Series X from the end of this year, but will also work with the current Xbox One and with PC, Android and iOS.

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