Xbox X|S Selling Out FAST in Japan

Microsoft has been making good numbers in a land they have been trying to conquer for so long. With Nintendo and Sony blocking their way into invading the Japanese market, the promises of the Xbox Series X and S have proven to be more apt for the tastes of the people in the land of the rising sun. Funnily enough, it’s now the second set of pre-orders rolling out and the trouble to cop the console still ensues.

Phil Spencer says he's 'humbled' by Japanese Xbox Series X/S sellouts | VGC

Major retailers such as Amazon Japan, BicCamera, Yodobashi, and Softmap have all sold out their pre-orders in just a few hours. Even if we’re skeptical enough to say the the stocks weren’t as high given that Xbox has performed poorly in comparison back then, the way the console’s getting traction now is definitely something to be proud of and look forward to.

Of course we can also attribute this sale spike due to the cheaper selling price of the Xbox Series X and S in comparison to that of the PS5’s disc and digital editions. But would that actually suffice in Microsoft pulling their way successfully in the Eastern market?

Looping back on the Tokyo Game Show 2020 talk by Xbox head Phil Spencer, he indeed cites how the Xbox has learned from it’s past mistakes in becoming a console that tried to encapsulate a global market.

Spencer said: “If you’ve been an Xbox player in the years past, the power and convenience of console will continue to be important to you and supported by the upcoming Xbox Series X, but we understand that players embrace the freedom of choice and have different ways that they want to play.

“We’re working to create an ecosystem where you choose what you want to play, where you want to play, and on the device you choose.”

Phil Spencer says he's 'humbled' by Japanese Xbox Series X/S sellouts | VGC

With all these in tow, it’s only up until November 10 until we see how this console war all comes to a harrowing conclusion. So have you managed to pre-order yet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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